Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Need to Cloth this Nekkid Lil Cutie!!

AAAHHH Rem is done and ready for some clothes.  Can't seem to figure out where I put her outfit so I guess I make a new one.  In the mean time enjoy the pics of this lil darlin.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Doll Hearts Yo Sd Fer

I am working with Featherfall in an attempt to get these two outfits for my babies.  The black one will be for Rem and the white one for Chika.  I think they will look adorable together though I will probably have to make some adjustments to the black on if it is to fit Rem.  She is a bit smaller than most Yo size dolls.

Pictures are by DollHearts

Only a few things left to do.

I decided to keep working on her in the hopes that I could hide some of the things I didn't like about her faceup.  uuugggghhhh I guess I should have taken more time, but I got so excited when I started her.  I think I may end up having someone else do her later but for now at least she has a face and a cute lil body.  I will try to enjoy her until I get tired of the face and wipe her out.  I don't know, it's really not that bad in person.  I am getting some extreme closeups with the macro which is not forgiving at all LOL.

Well the detail work is done...I guess!

To be honest I am not too happy with this one.  I couldn't get anyone to give me a few minutes so I could concentrate and I completely missed some lines that extend out too far until I took the pictures.  it is now too late to fix them since I have already MSC'd the head and the only fix it to wipe it.  I do not have enough left to try again so I will have to find some way to hide it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Almost There!

Rem has decided that she wants to be more dramatic than I had actually intended.  Surprisingly I am loving the way she is turning out though so she will keep her dark facup for a while at least.

Next will be the detail work, but that will have to wait until tomorrow as I don't have enough time to devote to the paint as I would like for that kind of work.

As you can see, her eye makeup is a lot darker and really surrounds her eye.  I love the blushing on her ears and wings.  I went with purples, greens, and black as well as a more natural color for her blushing.

And yes, I even blushed her lil bum.  I can't wait to see how she looks all finished.  She is definitely more showy than I had envisioned her being.  I wonder if she is just acting out because she found out about a new sister.

AHHH A Little Color at Last!.

Her first stage of blushing is done.  She is really starting to come alive now.  I really wish I had remembered to start her lips and brows though.  The only problem is that I was afraid that I would mess up the blushing if I messed up the brow shaping so this way was probably best.  Next will be the brows, lips, and a little more blushing on the body.

Bath Time is over!

Time for a faceup and a body blush.

I have had Rem for over a year and am finally getting to her.  Actually I had paid someone to do Rem's face and body, but that fell through.  Now it falls to me to get her pretty.  I hope I can.