Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Introduction and Concept

Recently I ordered a few resin minimee heads from DIM (Doll-In-Mind). The first batch of heads are of Sam Worthington. The actor who played as Jake Sulley in the movie Avatar, Marcus Wright in Terminator: Salvation, and Perseus in Clash of the Titans. Of course these are only some of his more recent movies. The second batch are of him as his Avatar self. Who wouldn't fall in love with a big blue mankitty?

I will be carving up one head to create a battle damaged Marcus Wright, dying some others to match the blue of the Na'Vi characters, and simply painting faces on the remainder. I have purchased extra of the heads in case I should decide to sell some to help me cover the costs of purchasing them.

I decided to pick up another head that was being offered on the DOA (Den of Angels) market place to practice on. Kamui Shirou, from Clamp x, will be my very first resin subject. I have painted faces on 1/6 scale dolls like Volks, Obitsu, and Barbie but they are completely different materials not to mention the size difference.

As a result I have decided to try and document my attempts at the faceups and modifications that will be necessary to obtain the looks that I want. My first subject will be Kamui Shirou. I have already started some of the base work on him, but since I took pictures I will go ahead and create posts to document his progress. Please keep in mind that this blog may not be updated on a regular basis.

Hopefully during the next year or two I will also have Minimee heads from these actors/series (Group orders have been started for them at DOA if you are interested)

She-Ra Princess of Power

Jake Sulley Na'Vi (dreaming version)

Spirited Away

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan

Adam Baldwin
Summer Glau
Nathan Fillion

The Never Ending Story
Childlike Empress

Singers, Vocalists, Musicians
Taylor Swift (for my daughter)

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