Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sanded Kamui and Coated Him With MSC

The eye holes on my Kamui head were pretty rough and his right eye, the one on the left as you are looking at him, was just slightly smaller than the other. So I spent a little time with my 400 grit sandpaper and evened them up and smoothed them out. I washed the head in some warm soapy water, lightly went over it with some pure Acetone (used with extreme caution) then washed it again just to be sure all the acetone had been removed from teh head. Finally I went over the whole thing with a Mr. Clean Magic eraser just to be sure that any production residue, or other residue for that matter, had been removed.

After all the sanding and cleaning I gave the head a nice light coat of Mr. Superclear (MSC) and left it in a clean safe place in the garage to dry for a few hours. I am pretty pleased with the results so far. The next step will be to lightly draft out some of the features.

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