Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Alive!! Blushing is done...For Now

I think the blushing is pretty good on Kamui.  Especially since he is my first.  I am kind of scared to do the nxt part though.  The paints scare me a little with all the work I have already done here.

I am using low viscosity water color paints to do his detail work.  I have done face-ups before, but they were on vinyl dolls and if you mess up you have to go back and pretty much re-do the whole thing.  I am hoping the by coating the head in MSC after each step will save me from having to do that step over if I mess up later.  At least that is kind of what I have been told.

If this all works out well I will do a faceup and body blush on my Dollzone mini BB Leo next.  I have had her for a year now and she still has no face.  Not that I didn't try.  I had commissioned an artist to do her face-up and body blush.  And after more than 6 months and $40.00 I finally have her back as blank as ever.  HEH oh well I can do this myslef.

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