Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UGGGHH Eyebrows!!

I did a little research on DOA before starting my Adventures in Eyebrows. I have always had troubles with them, even on my 1/6 scale dolls my eyebrows are difficult. First I decided to try the Eyebrow templates that were created by DOA member, batchix. I must be the only person in the world that can't use them. The eyebrows are beautiful and well drawn with a rather large selection of styles so there is plenty to choose from. The web site gives very well written and detailed instructions for how to use the templates. So why is it that when I tried them poor Kamui ended up looking horrified?

I erased my markings and tried them freehand using the template image as more of a guideline to view as I went rather than taping them to the head and tracing them. My results were much more to my liking but still not quite right. Time to erase and try again. Third time...Fourth time...Fifth time's the charm. I got a nice light sketch of the eyebrow shape that I want to use for the final product. Funny, they seem much darker in person.

I also traced out some of the eye shape that I want to paint in. I ended up using a picture of Kamui from the manga and the eyebrow templates as my design guides to get the location and shaping correct on the eyebrows.

Once I got the eyebrows I wanted I gave him a light coat of MSC to help avoid accidentally erasing them if I mess up later. Next step is to blush his face and give the eyebrows a little more depth. Wish me luck.

Here is a link to the eyebrow templates and the instruction for how to use them if you are interested in giving them a try.

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